What’s Going On

Why are so many people suffering mentally, physically and financially today?

It is because people have tied themselves to social structures which can no longer sustain themselves in this vibrationally heightened environment. The vibrationally low is slowly disintegrating, and will be replaced by higher versions of social structures, but first we must create the vacuum.

Things are coming apart, darkness is being exposed to the light, and that darkness is not too happy about it!

What are you tied to? If any area of your life is heavily invested in old ideas or structure, you can be sure you’re in for a rude awakening! Every area of your life that has been built on the principles of love, will stand, the rest will be susceptible to various levels of change and decay.

Love however, is not determined by you! Humanities ego based definition of love is far from the real thing. This is what allows everybody to consider themselves a loving person, and then go out and kill their neighbor in another country!

Yes, there is a great shake up afoot, and it is based in “vibrational energy,” which pays no heed whatsoever to the words you mouth, but only aligns itself to that which is vibrationally similar.

In days past, talking a good talk saw many people through, but today, if you can’t walk the talk, then you end up on the scrap pile labeled, “bad ideas.”